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"If you are planning to build, establish, grow and benefit from a small business, protecting your assets (and reading this book) should be one of your primary considerations.. Karen teaches this simple truth: own nothing yet control everything! Working with the SumTotal team you will be able to ethically quarantine your hard earned assets from creditors, competitors and the courts." — Harvee Pene

This is a call to arms for any business owner who is either doing so very well or is still so busy “making it” that protecting what they’ve earned, and what they’re going to earn is of secondary concern.

Protect Assets is essential reading for those that would hate to see all (or a significant chunk) of their life’s work be significantly impacted by tax, a poor decision, simple mistakes or complex errors. “It wasn’t my fault” doesn’t cut it anymore whether the blame lays with you, the business owner or a third party.

And this book will:

  • Identify the snares and threats to your business continuity and lifestyle
  • Carefully outline some common mistakes that can lead to all too common consequences
  • Clearly illustrate the steps that can be taken to safeguard your assets

If you do have a care for the future, yours, your business’s, those you care about, Protect Assets will get you thinking but more importantly, get you acting on the important advice that all business owner’s need to know about.

Remember, they’re your assets, they’re worth protecting.

We would hate to see all (or a significant chunk) of your life’s work be significantly impacted by tax, a poor decision, simple mistakes or complex errors.

Too many times you hear about people that have done brilliantly in business, only for something to go horribly wrong.

Then you’re shocked to find them and their families enduring real financial hardship a little while later.

How does this happen? How can business owners suffer such a dramatic and complete change of circumstances both commercially and personally?

Protection or lack of it would be one answer – and an all too common one at that.

The 101 Strategies that we’ve mapped out in this book are easy to understand and put into practice when you work alongside a professional — a professional who really knows what they’re doing.

And we’ll make that really easy for you to do too.

Protecting Assets is essentially about one thing and one thing only – ensuring whatever you’ve earned or accumulated is still yours to keep.

Yes, it’s really that important to safeguard what you’ve worked for. We’re talking about (deep breath) your house, your car, your college fund, savings, grand piano, workshop, land, season-tickets, tools, holiday home, quad bike, jewelry, art collection, all of it, everything.


P is for Potential Hazards

Are your personal assets protected in the event of legal action that may occur as a result of business activities?


R is for Reducing Risk

In your Business Structure set up do you have a Company and Trust or Trust and Company where one is the 'Trading' entity and the other an 'Asset Holding' Entity?


O is for Own Nothing

On paper are you worth very little, as most assets are owned in separate entities or other people's names?


T is for Trading Structures

Do you know the differences between Companies, Trusts, Partnerships & Sole Traders?


E is for Estate Planning

If something were to happen to you, are documents are in place to transfer assets to the people you choose?


C is for Insurance Cover

In the last 12 months have you had an independent review of your business insurances to ensure you have adequate cover (i.e. Professional Indemnity, Workcover, Cyber, Business Insurance, Audit Insurance, product liability, director, trade and debtor insurance)?


T is for Tax Minimisation

Have you recently made a large tax saving by planning it out in advance with your advisor?

Hi! I'm Karen Conlon

As members of Life Changing Accountants, we’ve made a public commitment to be driven by one thing:


An impact on the businesses and lives of our clients, and together with them an impact in our communities and our world. 

Our commitment, not surprisingly, is a total commitment to stand by the results that we create for our clients where –

  • R is for … Greater Revenues 
  • E is for … Improved Equity 
  • S is for … Surplus Profits
  • U is for … Supporting the UN Global Goals 
  • L is for … Reduced Liabilities
  • T is for … Proactive Tax Savings 
  • S is for … Scaling Cashflow

SO THAT we can proactively help our small business clients reach ‘THE R.E.S.U.L.T.S. BHAG aka Big Hairy Audacious Goal’ – 

  • Doing 4 Days a Week
  • Working 40 Weeks a Year
  • Pulling 400K Profit p.a.
  • Building 4M in Wealth
  • Lasting 4 Generations
alt="Portrait of Karen Conlon, smiling against a exposed brick background"

That is why I am happy to present to you the '101 Strategies for Business Owners' R.E.S.U.L.T.S. books

"I proudly belong to Life Changing Accountants, a group of 101 like-minded Accounting Firms who have each contributed to these books.

We chose collaboration over competition SO THAT we can each make more of an impact in our clients lives.

This is why you'll see a number of books with this same title, written in collaboration with my colleagues of the same heart. 101 Life Changing Strategies by 101 Life Changing Accountants.