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"If you want to pay less taxes, read this book. Karen teaches this simple truth: There are two types of tax seasons: Tax Planning season & Tax Paying season. Working with the SumTotal team during tax planning season, you will keep more of your hard earned cash during tax paying season." Harvee Pene

When it comes to tax, what’s worse than giving ‘til it hurts? Giving ‘til it doesn’t hurt anymore because you’re so used to just paying without questioning anything – bigger fish to fry and all that. But maybe keeping more of your hard-earned is the big fish.

Save Tax helps you to fry your fish and eat it too!

When iconic Australian billionaire Kerry Packer said that anyone that “doesn’t minimise their tax want their heads read”, many in attendance chuckled. But saving tax is not exclusively a billionaire’s game. If you’re striving to support your family, your business or your dreams, you can play too – but you have to know the rules.

Save Tax helps business owners, entrepreneurs and commercial adventurers:

  • Pay only the tax that they need to
  • Find the right people to help you save tax
  • Simplify and demystify tax obligations

At the end of the day, and by the end of this book, you will have an understanding of how and why you should invest in minimising your tax and making the most of your business.


We’re clear on the fact that we are measured by the pure value we create for and with you.

We want to help you create a business and a legacy that you’re proud of.

One that brings you joy as opposed to stress and one that also does good in our world too.

Oh … and a business that really works … so you don’t have to work quite as much.

And so the impact on you, your family, our community and our world is inherently positive ... Inherently good.

That’s why we begin with helping you keep more of your hard earned cash (out of the tax man’s hands!)

Saving Tax is essentially about one thing and one thing only – taking home more money to your family.

There are 5 key Tax Saving Criteria that each contain a number of 100%, squeaky-clean & cutting edge tax strategies will ensure you pay the least amount of tax legally possible.


T is for Your Trading Structure

Are you 100% sure your ‘structure’ is set up so that you’re not paying unnecessary taxes?


A is for Your Current Accountant

Have you recently made a large tax saving by planning it out in advance with your advisor?


X is for Your eXpenses Strategy

Are you sure that you're applying every legally available tax saving strategy?


E is for Your Earnings Strategy

Do you know if you should pay yourself a salary, dividend, distribution, loan or something else?


S is for Your Super & Investments

Do you use Trusts, Companies & SMSF's as your own legal 'havens' to pay less tax?

Hi! I'm Karen Conlon

As members of Life Changing Accountants, we’ve made a public commitment to be driven by one thing:


An impact on the businesses and lives of our clients, and together with them an impact in our communities and our world. 

Our commitment, not surprisingly, is a total commitment to stand by the results that we create for our clients where –

  • R is for … Greater Revenues 
  • E is for … Improved Equity 
  • S is for … Surplus Profits
  • U is for … Supporting the UN Global Goals 
  • L is for … Reduced Liabilities
  • T is for … Proactive Tax Savings 
  • S is for … Scaling Cashflow

SO THAT we can proactively help our small business clients reach ‘THE R.E.S.U.L.T.S. BHAG aka Big Hairy Audacious Goal’ – 

  • Doing 4 Days a Week
  • Working 40 Weeks a Year
  • Pulling 400K Profit p.a.
  • Building 4M in Wealth
  • Lasting 4 Generations
alt="Portrait of Karen Conlon, smiling against a exposed brick background"

That is why I am happy to present to you the '101 Strategies for Business Owners' R.E.S.U.L.T.S. books

"I proudly belong to Life Changing Accountants, a group of 101 like-minded Accounting Firms who have each contributed to these books.

We chose collaboration over competition SO THAT we can each make more of an impact in our clients lives.

This is why you'll see a number of books with this same title, written in collaboration with my colleagues of the same heart. 101 Life Changing Strategies by 101 Life Changing Accountants.